Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Freedom of Broken Minds

Eliza Glapinska presents her installation "Raped Freedom " at the Participate Artspace on Saturday 7th November


Raped Freedom is my fundamental work. It is during this process that I developed and found my own direction and philosophy as an artist. Using my background skills in textiles, I communicated with my audience through my art. My limitation in language necessitated a message spoken through artwork, for everyone whose freedom was restricted.

My installation artwork takes a chosen space, such as churches, a courtroom, old shops, outdoor spaces and galleries, to develop the appropriate atmosphere. They are open to everyone who wishes to enter.

My previous artwork, ‘Raped Freedom’, is an inspiration for my masterpiece Freedom of Broken Minds. The continued idea of giving my 12 metres of canvas to my audience and constantly expanding the length by another 12 metres of canvas, installed in the shape of a labyrinth or maze, always including the sound of the songs and red strings of lights. This will be a long-term development, a lifetime’s work, where I will expand the issue of the powerful influence of tradition, religion and culture against human rights, especially women’s freedom, in our lifetime. This means my Masters artwork will not end until I die.

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